August 20, 2019.

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the passing of our brother George “G.G.” Guidotti who succumbed to lung cancer on Sunday, August 18th 2019. He was 57 years old.

We met George in the summer of 1987 as we were putting the band together, and our lives would never be the same again. His impact was immediate. Once George joined the band, we knew the five of us would be set for life as brothers no matter what the rock and roll world had in store for us.

George took the band’s stage show to the highest of highs. He never settled for anything less than the best for every one of us because he wanted our audiences to leave feeling their expectations were exceeded night after night. No one appreciated the audience more than George.

For George, it wasn’t just enough to give it 110% on stage, he never let up off stage as well. If there were people laughing, or a good time was being had around the band, there was no question who was at the center of it all. George. Everywhere he went he was the catalyst for complete and total hilarious, rowdy insanity. But George was also thoughtful and compassionate. He would go to the ends of the earth for people in need.

George was not perfect, as none of us are. But with George, he never hid his imperfections. He wore them on his sleeve out in the open for all to see. He was honest about the lifestyle he lived. When told he had lung cancer, he said to all of us, “What the hell did you expect?? I’ve been smoking since I was 10 years old!!” And then he laughed the way he always did. He didn’t want to go. But he knew his time on this earth was going to be cut short.

For those who saw the second go ‘round with Heavens Edge, you saw a guy in George who defied aging. He was more energetic in his 50’s than most people are in their 20’s. His smile, ridiculous energy and pure love for being on stage reminded us that the band actually did “make it”. We made it because we found our brothers for life. We made it in the areas that count the most and we have George to thank for that.

George “G.G.” Guidotti was a rock star. He didn’t make the money that some do. But he was a rock star just as much as any of them can be.

We are going to miss him.

Mark, Reggie, Steve and Dave



HEAVENS EDGE live at the Trocadero Theatre on March 24, 2018.
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HEAVENS EDGE play the M3 Rock Festival on April 30, 2016 in Columbia, MD.
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HEAVENS EDGE play at Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:00 PM EDT. Information and tickets at Live Nation.



HEAVENS EDGE play the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2015.



HEAVENS EDGE play the M3 Rock Festival on April 26, 2014 in Columbia, MD.
Information and tickets at M3ROCKFEST.COM



HEAVENS EDGE also play MelodicRockFest on October 5, 2014 in Arlington Heights, IL.
Information and tickets at MELODICROCKFEST.COM







GIG ALERT Heaven's Edge: 8pm Friday November 8th w/ Viv and the Revival @ World Cafe Live • 3025 Walnut Street • Philadelphia, PA 19104 • 215-222-1400


POSTER: EasternPa MusicChannel
PHOTO CREDIT: Simon Dunkerley



HEAVENS EDGE Live in Philly One Night Only!!! w/ special guests Viv and the Revival.

Reggie Wu: Risking public humiliation for a couple more ticket sales - what the heck were we wearing!! - Come on out - Heavens Edge at the World Cafe Live/Philly - Friday, Nov. 8th.

Buy ticket at Ticketfly



December 9, 2012




October 10, 2010


The Heavens Edge debut album reissue comes out Oct 19th on Rock Candy Records. Remastered with bonus tracks and new liner notes.

Information from Dave Rath:

The bonus tracks were recorded as demos just before we went in to make the album. We went in and recorded all of the songs in one night just to see what we had. It was in the same studio in Philly we eventually used to record the album with a quality engineer (Joe Alexander). The quality of the recording was solid. I took the old analog 1/2 inch tape, digitized it and had it mastered. I don’t think anyone of us has ever head the material since the night we recorded it.

“Superstition” was something written around that time. We thought it was a cool groove track. The A&R Guy from the label didn’t think the song was that great. He told us he didn’t love it, so we never played it again. Listening to it now, it sounds pretty cool. We should’ve laid it down as a b-side if nothing else.

“U Got It” was an old track for us from the early days of the band. It was standard bar band, hard rock/metal stuff. We never thought it was that special, but it served its purpose for the band when Mark and Reggie were finding themselves as songwriters. It wasn’t strong enough for the album, but works very well as a b-side that shows where the band came from.

“Just Another Fire”. In retrospect, we probably should’ve put this song for the album. Mark and Reg had only written the track a few months before this. It was so new, we figured we’d save it for the next album. Our A&R guy left the label in the middle of our recording sessions and absolutely no one from Columbia was paying any attention to what we were doing. Perhaps if we had an A&R guy, he would’ve suggested we put the song on the album. The version we recorded for the album appears on “Some Other Place, Some Other Time”, but we didn’t have the original master tape, so that version sounds like absolute crap because it is a few generations form the original recording. I think we only have a cassette of that version and someone attempted to master it and completely screwed it up. This recording is a little simpler than what appeared on the album. It’s very good though, if remixed properly would probably sound much closer to the album version.
















April 4, 2006


HEAVENS EDGE REUNITE FOR BENEFIT CONCERT. Saturday May 13th 2006 4pm-2am The Tom Gillam Benefit Concert @ Whiskey Dix Saloon 421 NORTH 7TH STREET (NEXT TO THE ELECTRIC FACTORY) PHILA PA 215-923-2192 An All-Star Benefit Concert to aid Tom Gillam. TIX ON SALE NOW!!! GUARANTEED TO SELL-OUT-GO TO WWW.TOMGILLAM.COM TO PURCHASE TICKETS OR MAKE A DONATION IF YOU CANT MAKE THE SHOW.Confirmed Artists as of 3/29/06Tommy Conwell and The Young Rumblers
Heavens Edge
Joseph Parsons
Ben Arnold
The Pawnshop Roses
Lelia Broussard
The Lowlands (Chris Kasper,Adrien Reju,Jeff Hiatt,Todd Barneson)
Scott Silipigni
Transistor Rodeo
Tractor Pull
Nik Everett
Mia Johnson
Chris Day Band
Desoto Rust
More to be named...Including a few Surprises


December 19, 2004


GG's band Rev have changed name to Smash Factory. They have now written some cool original songs. You can listen to samples on their site.




December 14, 2002


George Guidotti e-mailed me about his new cover band REV. Check out their website.




August 10, 2002


The photos from the benefit show has been uploaded. Please check the gallery section. If anyone happened to videotape the show please let me know. I would love to get a copy.


July 31, 2002


I just got some killer photos from the benefit show. Thanks to Jeanne and the Mystery guy. I will try and upload the pics on the site in the coming days. Just bare with me. It's summer here in Sweden, at least this week and I prefer the beach to the computer :-)
Reports say that the guys did a great job. The setlist was:
Play Dirty
Skin to Skin
Find another way
Just Another Fire
Is that all you want
Encore - Can't catch me.


July 17, 2002


Benefit tickets can be purchased for $20.00 at the bar Hot Shots during the week 12 pm to 2 am. The number is 856-742-5644. The bar is located in Westville NJ. The show starts at 2 PM


July 14, 2002


The benefit bill is Heaven's Edge, Dead End Kids, Saints in Hell, Matson-Parry, Krank, Rough house, Surrender Dorothy, Adrenaine, Tom Gilham


June15, 2002






May 18, 2002


Reggie Wu just sent me this. More info as soon as I get it.
Heavens Edge are doing a benefit. This band who was a huge influence on us (and everyone else in the area, including Cindrella, Britney Fox and so on) called the Dead End Kids, one of the members is very ill and has only a couple of months to live, so they asked us if we would play his benefit and everyone in the band said yes.


April 6, 2002


It's been a while but finally we're back in action. As you notice we're now located at a different URL Please update your bookmarks. is also re-directed here, but has those annoying banners.
I have added a rare live acoustic radio broadcast of the song Some Other Place. All the other mp3's are also back up again.


December 16, 2001


There's a very special track for download in the sounds section. Eyes Of A Stranger is taken from a 4 track demo (also including Never Too Hot, Speechless and Bad Reputation) that was recorded in 1988 but never made the debut album. The production might not be perfect, but it's a great melodic song nevertheless. Enjoy!


October 11, 2001


Reggie Wu has been working with a band called The Triplets. Featuring 3 teenage girls. They have recorded a modern pop version of the old Heavens Edge classic Find Another Way. Sounding very different but cool.


April 29, 2001


Unfortunately the sound files for the debut have been deleted from the idrive account. It was out of my control. For now there will only be short soundbytes available. I hope to get the complete album uploaded somehow again. If anyone know where one can get over 75 MB webspace for free. Without visitors having to sign up to download. Please let me know.


January 24, 2001


Heavens Edge's debut album is now available as a full mp3 download. The album is out of print. So we are offering it for free instead. Go to the Sounds section.


November 2, 2000


Reggie has written about 4 songs for the next CD and Mark has finished one song this week.


May 30, 2000


George Guidotti is the new bass player for Earcandy from philadelphia. Check Just to put things straight, GG's is also still a member of H.E.


April 16, 2000


From MTM's newsletter: Heavens Edge are preparing themself to start create a third album.Robin Renée is a singer/songwriter in the rock/alternative field. Reggie Wu along with other top musicians from the Philly area are contributing to Robin's forthcoming album "In Progress". Release sometime late May. For further info, please check the Robin Renée website.


January 25, 2000


The Motley Crue tribute album - Kickstart My Heart is out now. Heavens Edge covers the song Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) from the Dr. Feelgood album. I think the guys did a great job. Almost turning it into a track that could have been written by themselves. Other highlights from Spiders & Snakes, Pink Cream 69, Babylon AD, Psyco Drama... The artwork is quite impressive as well. Including a 20 page cd booklet with a biography on each band. Did I say a portion of each sold cd is donated to the Skylar Neil memorial foundation, to help children in hospitals.
Go to to order your copy.



November 23, 1999


I just did an e-mail interview with David Rath and Reggie Wu. Talking about the very early days when Heavens Edge was formed. The good times, the bad. As well as touching on the future. When will Heavens Edge tour? Will they release another album? Those are the questions I get asked the most. Well this is your backstage pass. Come on in and meet Dave and Reg.



October 28, 1999


The Motley Crue tribute album "Kickstart My Heart" is finally completed, and will be released on January 18th. Inspired by the Chronological Crue website as a charitable project. Pulse Records is donating a portion of the procedes to The Skylar Neil Foundation, in memory of Vince's daughter who lost her battle against cancer a few years ago. Heavens Edge covers the song Don't Go Away Mad from the Dr. Feelgood album. Contributing to the project are also acts such as Pink Cream 69, Heaven, Babylon A.D., Gary Schutt, Jester and Paul Shortino..., so don't miss this chance to hear some classic Crue tunes like you've never heard them before.
Go to the discography for further information.





I would like to bring a guy named Danny Danzi to your attention. Now what the hell does he have to do with Heavens Edge? Well he lives in the same area as the Edge guys, and he supported them back in the old days. Not to mention he's an incredibly talented musician/songwriter, and I am sure that Heavens Edge fans will most likely also enjoy Danny Danzi's music. His debutalbum "Somewhere Lost In Time" is released on August 16th in Europe, and February 15th, 2000 in the U.S. Below is part of an interview with Danny for a webzine. How did you get in touch with your record label?
I met a guy named Daniel Staresina on-line when I visited his website, and we got to be friends. After he heard the clips on my website and liked them, I sent him my demo CD. He liked it and gave me some contact information on a lot of labels. I sent them all e-mails with a brief bio and the link to my website so they could see and hear me. The response form the labels was astonishing! They ALL got back to me requesting a CD!!! After I talked to all of them, Z records had the best deal, and I signed with them. Funny thing is Reggie Wu mentioned my website for Danny, and the rest is history, as they say :-) Please visit Danny Danzi's website






Network, was the band Mark Evans was in before Heavens Edge. They have just released their long lost CD, that was recorded some 10 years ago. Check out their webpage






Check the discography section for a look at the cover of the re-release of Some Other Place - Some Other Time. This new version contains 6 previously unreleased tracks. Making it a total of 16 tracks. So even if you already have the MTM version, it's still great value for money. Now get your butts over to Perris Records and order the album.






Check out the discography section for information on the Warren Hales Band. Reggie Wu helped out his friend Warren and played drums, bass, keyboards and some guitar on the album. Reggie also co-wrote the song Rainbow's End. I have also added information on the Network album that will soon be released.






Some Heavens Edge related news.
Network is the band that Mark Evans was in before he founded Heavens Edge. Back then he played bass. Network recorded one album in 1989 and were two times very close to get signed by Columbia, but due to bad management decisions and the upcoming Grunge scene it never happened. Network have now got signed to AOR Heaven's AOR Classics label, and their long lost CD "Crashin' Hollywood" will finally get released by the end of June. Also featured in Network are Larry Baud (Red Dawn vocalist), Jimmy Drnec (former Cinderella drummer), Mark Eskey (guitars) and keyboard player Greg Cellini. Check Rock Tracks and for further information and soundfiles.






"Some Other Place - Some Other Time" will be released in the U.S. through Perris records, with 6 bonustracks as well as new artwork and photos.






Check out a brand new interview with Heavens Edge (and Queensryche, Dokken among others) producer Neil Kernon on the website. The Motley Crue tribute album has been delayed until June. Heavens Edge cover the track "Don't Go Away Mad" from the Dr. Feelgood album. I was up in Stockholm this weekend for the Z-records showcase. Magnus Söderkvist of MTM was there as well. I got to talk to him. He had some very interesting ideas. But I don't want to say anything yet if things don't work out. So I'll keep that one as a secret for now :-) And while I'm on a roll here. I would like to bring the name Danny Danzi to your attention. He's an artist living in the same area as the Heavens Edge guys. He also supported them years ago in NJ/Philly clubs. He will release an album in August. Great stuff. Check his website!






I just got informed that the band ASIA have used the same cover art for their new compilation CD as Heavens Edge have for Some Other Place - Some Other Time. I have no idea what's going on here. MTM bought the rights to that picture, so I find it very strange that somebody else can use it. Hopefully I'll soon get some further info on this scandal.




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